WBC 2000 Tournament Scenarios
By Don Chappell

These scenarios were used in the WBC 2000 For The People tournament. I have found them to be very thoughtful in their design and very interesting to play. They were designed to be played in a duplicate bridge format. If you are interested in playing competitively with a friend I would advise that you play each scenario twice, switching sides for the second iteration, and then seeing who achieved a higher combined score.

Each scenario consists of two pdf files (you will need adobe acrobat or some comparable program to read them). One file consists of the scenario set up and the other one denotes which cards a player has for each game turn. These scenarios are meant to be played open hand (all cards visible at all times). The scenarios are:

Practice Scenario: How The West Was Won
Round 1: Dancing the Virginia Reel
Round 2: Father of Waters
Round 3: Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dogs of War
Round 4: Hours of Desperation

The scenarios were originally designed to be played with the AH version of the game, but except for the fact that they do not use the Second edition cards, you can play them with either version of the game. All players are encouraged to send in their results to the ConSimWorld FTP board.

How The West Was One Part I

How The West Was One Part II

Dancing The Virginia Reel Part I

Dancing The Virginia Reel Part II

Father of Waters Part I

Father of Waters Part II

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Part I

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Part II

Hours of Desperation Part I

Hours of Desperation Part II